Five events all at high altitude. Uphill only

The Vertical Kilometer® doubles up in a brand new circuit of five events “made in Italy”. The VK2 circuit was designed for those that love both vertical running and high altitude – two elements guaranteed to take your breath away – even for the strongest athletes.

This new VK2 challenge unites the most iconic races of this unique discipline, three of which climb above 3,000m altitude.

The circuit counts no less than 10,333m of vertical climb, a marathon totalling 51 km distance with an average incline of 30% and stretches over 50%.

In races over 3,000m altitude, such as Monte Rosa, Mont Blanc and Chaberton, athletes can race uphill with poles, across snow fields with micro crampons and, on the climbing sections, with a helmet and harness.

The VK2 kicks off on June 20 in Alagna Valsesia on Monte Rosa, reaching 3,260m altitude across pastures, scree and snow fields.

AMA VK2 che sale ai 3.260m sul Monte Rosa, prima gara del circuito VK2. ©iancorless.com

With just one week to recover, on July 28, the Doppio Vertical K2 climbs to the highest fort in Europe on the summit of Mount Chaberton at 3,130m on the French/Italian border.

On July 5, it’s the turn of the K2 Valtellina Extreme Vertical Race to the summit of the Cima Pisello at 2,272m. On August 1, Mont Blanc will take the stage with the UYN K2000. Starting in Courmayeur, the super-steep course follows the new SkyWay cable car to Punta Helbronner at 3,460m, rewarding athletes and fans with spectacular views.

The VK2 circuit concludes with the Grand Finale on September 20 with La Direttissima K2000 which starts in the Piazza del Duomo in Trento to arrive at the 2.098m summit of Mount Bondone. Here, an extra 25% points are awarded for the ranking.

The final ranking is based on the best three results obtained. Every race assigns points to the first 15 men and women with points from 100 down to 10 with an extra 25% awarded at the Grand Finale. In all the races, free entry and accommodation will be awarded to the winners of the previous race and, up for grabs, the VK2 Trophy, together with cash prizes for the winners of the circuit.

For all lovers of vertical, the VK2 aims for the sky up steep slopes, over scree and snow fields in pure skyrunning style – all uphill!


AMA VK2 – Punta Indren (3,260m) Alagna (VC) – June 20

DOPPIO VERTICAL K2 – Monte Chaberton (3,130m) Cesana (TO) – June 28

K2 VALTELLINA EXTREME VERTICAL RACE – Cima Pisello (2,272m) Talamona (SO) – July 5

UYN K2000 – Punta Helbronner (3.560m) Courmayeur (AO) – August 1

LA DIRETTISSIMA K2000* – Monte Bondone (2.098m) Trento (TN) – September 20


Ranking points: 100/90/80/70/65/60/55/45/40/35/30/25/20/10

Ranking: the best three results overall. (*) bonus +25% in the Grand Finale

Prizes/benefits: entries and accommodation to the m/f winners of each race

The VK2 Trophy and cash prizes will be awarded to the circuit winners

For further info: info@federationservice.com


VK2 Race Rules

  • Entry is based on the regulations and equipment as defined by each race organiser
  • Entry is guaranteed to all those following the VK2 circuit, even if the race is capped
  • Free entry and accommodation are awarded to the winners of each race in the following race
  • Ranking is based on the results of the first 15 men/women in each race, published on federationservice.com
  • Entry in the final ranking is based on at least two results
  • The VK2 Trophy and cash prizes are based on the best three results