Race and training cover

The Outdoor Sports Insurance Card is valid for accidental injury in outdoor running activities for single athletes. Insurance is compulsory in certain races. Only activities carried out in Europe are covered.

What it covers
Any bodily accident occurring during road running, trail running and skyrunning race competitions including during training activities (on a CC course or with your sports club).

Total sum insured € 160,000 (euros) of which:
Death: € 80,000
Permanent disability: € 80,000 (6% deductible)

*Option: Up to € 1,000 cover for search and rescue,
medical treatment, repatriation etc, can be requested separately

For insurance details, click here

Outdoor Sports Insurance Card
Cost: € 12 (euros) per person

How to get your insurance card

• Click the link below to pay via PayPal
• You will receive an email from FSA with your personal insurance number and a request for your date of birth
• Download the card here or from the email in pdf format and print it. Insert your details and insurance number on the card to show to race organisers

The card is active once the payment, together with your details have been received. The insurance is valid from the payment date for the remainder of the same year.

You can also get your insurance card from:

• A sports association/federation you are affiliated to
• Through a race organiser (Europe only)

For the above, in the event of a claim, or for further information: info@federationservice.com